AUM For The Beginning

One who is aware of the Hindu ideology understands the significance of AUM in the life of every human soul.  It is believed to be the life giving force that  existed in the universe long before the  evolution of  life on this  Earth. Aum is the medium  by which every atman soul connects itself  with the Creator of the cosmos. Every Yogi, Mystic or a  Sadhu chants this word again and again to rise higher on the cosmic plane. It helps an ordinary soul to evolve oneself and   one  has to  maintain absolute purity of thought to reap the fruits of  practicing such  austerities. 200 hr Teachers Training at  Yogalife helps  you understand significance of Aum in the life of a yoga practioner.


As said by Vijay Kumar (“Atma Jnani”) Domain of religious and mystic personalities, right chanting with  hundred percent  faith  alone shall  produce results. Aum has  a resonating effect and  produces  non-audible but high pitched which travels on speed s above that of light (i.e. above 1,86,000 miles per second (about 3,000,000 kms per second).

Light from Sun reaches earth within eight and half minutes. For Aum to reach Sun takes a fraction of a second. Within the core of Sun resides the divine.


Unravel Yoga

Unravel Yoga– Yoga helps us in balancing our inner self with the outer self. It helps us in creating equilibrium between the physique and mind.  It brings the calm that is always looked for in the day-to-day life. The tryst for the missing thing in life could be achieved with the practice of Yoga at Yogalife, one of the widely known yoga schools India. For whatever reason you are practicing Yoga, the core of it is that your yearning will be contented. Yoga will give you the inner calm that you had been looking for. When one practices the uniting of one’s consciousness there is penance, self study and the contemplation of the person of God.  The absorption is there to realize that that which is an obstruction weakens and that what is wished for comes about.
Yoga is not just about toning up your body and mind, but there is some inherent thing that we could seek with Yoga. Nowadays many people are flocking to yoga for many different reasons. For peace of mind, to breathe better, to relax, to tone, to lose weight, to become more flexible, to be stronger. To improve fitness, stamina, endurance. To assist with sports, to heal the back. To release blockages, to know your own body better. All of these reasons are valid and realistic goals when you take on yoga, and when you commit to the practice there is no doubt that you will benefit from all the above on joining yoga ttc at Yogalife.

Time Travel With Yoga

The history of Yoga is always debated over. It is generally believed that Yoga is as old as civilization itself. Though there is no physical evidence to support this claim. Some believe it to be as old as 3000 B.C. Scholars have reason to believe that it is much older than this. The image of Yoga asanas were traced in on the stones, hence, ascribing it to Stone Age. Earliest archaeological evidence of Yoga’s existence could be found in stone seals which depict figures of Yoga Poses. The stone seals place Yoga’s existence around 3000 B.C. Others have the argument that Yoga was traced back in 10,000 B.C.

We might already have an idea of what Yoga is but to understand it better, we have to know what it has become as well as its roots and beginnings. The Teacher Training program at Yogalife, provides an opportunity to dive deeper into the sands of time and explore the mystic yoga. A quick look at the history of Yoga will help us appreciate its rich tradition and who knows, it might help us incorporate Yoga into our lives.

Scholars, however, have a reason to believe that Yoga existed long before that and traced its beginnings in Stone Age Shamanism. Both Shamanism and Yoga have similar characteristics particularly in their efforts to improve the human condition at that time. Also, they aim to heal community members and the practitioners act as religious mediators. Though we know Yoga as focusing more on the self, it started out as community-oriented before it turned inward. The Yoga Course in India by Yogalife, will not only help bind the essentials of oneness but also inculcate the cultural prowess of Indian Traditions.

Teachings of Bhagwad Gita

Bhagwad Gita we all know is the holy book for the Hindus. It lays the guidelines of karma that we need to accomplish in our lifetime. The Gita is a doctrine of universal truth. Its message is universal, sublime, and non-sectarian although it is a part of the scriptural trinity of Sanaatan Dharm, commonly known as Hinduism.The Gita is very easy to understand in any language for a mature mind. A repeated reading with faith will reveal all the sublime ideas contained in it. A few abstruse statements are interspersed (broken) here and there, but they have no direct bearing on practical issues or the central theme of Gita. The Gita deals with the most sacred metaphysical science. It imparts the knowledge of the Self and answers two universal questions: Who am I, and how can I lead a happy and peaceful life in this world of dualities. It is a book of yog, the moral and spiritual growth for mankind based on the cardinal principles of Hindu religion.

The message of Bhagwad Gita came to humanity due to unwillingness of Arjun to perform his duties when he was in war with the Kauravas. Lord Krishna bestowed the supreme knowledge of the cycle of life and death onto him, enabling him realize that we as a human being have to continue evolving in our own way but for this we cannot wash-off the responsibilities from our shoulders. Arjun’s dilemma is in fact the universal dilemma.

The central teaching of Bhagwad Gita is attainment of freedom from happiness and sorrow of life. The ultimate of every soul should be to come over this cycle that afflicts us in our day-to-day life and freeing ourselves from the bondage of life. Always remember the glory and greatness of the creator, and do your duty efficiently without being attached to or affected by the results, even if that duty may at times demand unavoidable violence. Some people neglect or give up their duty in life for the sake of a spiritual life while others excuse themselves from spiritual practices because they believe that they have no time.

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The lord’s message is to sanctify the entire living process itself. Whatever a person does or thinks ought to be done for the glory and satisfaction of the Maker. No effort or cost is necessary for this process. Do your duty as service of the Lord and humanity and see God alone in everything in a spiritual frame of mind. In order to gain such a spiritual frame of mind, personal discipline, austerity, penance, good conduct, selfless service, yogic practices, meditation, worship, prayers, rituals, and study of scriptures, as well as the company of the holy persons, pilgrimage, chanting of the holy names of God, and Self-inquiry are needed to purify the body, mind and intellect.

One must learn to give up lust, anger, greed, and establish mastery over the six senses ( hearing, touch, sight, taste, smell, and mind) by the purified intellect. One should always remember that all works are done by the energy of nature and that He or she is not the doer but only an instrument. One must strive for excellence in all undertakings but remain calm in success and failure, gain and loss, and pain and pleasure.

Dattamudra Asana In Yoga Teacher Training

Dattamudra Asana In Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga is believed to be as old as civilization, but few scholars have traced it back to 3000 B.C. The different types of asanas performed in the yoga are a part of Hattha yoga. Dattamudra is an asana for the beginner. In this mudra or position one needs to be sited in Vajrasana position. Fold legs inwards from the knees and sit straight in that position, hold your head high and rest yours palms on the knees.  In the Vajrasana position turn your neck to the left side as much as possible, relax all the muscles, continue normal breathing. Repeat this for right side. This asana is beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety, as it relaxes body muscles, giving proper stretch to neck and back.a112

The most commonly practiced Yoga style at Yoga life is Hatha Yoga.  At Yogalife these asanas are taught under the expert supervision of the Yoga teachers such as Sanjeev Bhanot, who has excelled in the art of Yoga teacher training program. The term Hatha Yoga has been commonly used to describe the practice of asanas (postures). The term ‘ha’ denotes the pranic (vital) force governing the physical body and ‘tha’ denotes the chitta (mental) force.


Thus making the Hattha Yoga a catalyst to an awakening of the two energies that govern our lives. More correctly the technique described in Hattha Yoga harmonies and purifies the body system and focuses the mind in preparation for more advanced chakra and kundalini practice.

Yogalife – Mind and Body Integration

Yogalife – Mind and Body Integration


In today’s fast moving life where most of our time is spent between workplace and home one is hardly left with any time for stress control or exercise. Yoga can be a perfect solution for those who are in a fix about life. Yoga is not confined to any age or time. There is no restriction to find a proper place for Yoga. You can do it anywhere you like it.

According to one of the Yogalife’s trained teachers “…Yoga Teacher Training Course at Yogalife was not just a physically challenging experience but involved deep psychological emotional work and in every sense it was utterly transformational. I’m going to take this experience towards life…”
It is also said that Yoga is the philosophy of mind and body’s integration. It helps one explore the inner space that we generally forget to focus on. Patanjali was the first to describe the practice and philosophy of Yoga. Yoga is a form of mind-body fitness that involves a combination of muscular activity and an internally directed mindful focus on awareness of the self, the breath, and energy. Four basic principles underlie the teachings and practices of yoga’s healing system. The first principle is the human body is a holistic entity comprised of various interrelated dimensions inseparable from one another and the health or illness of any one dimension affects the other dimensions. The second principle is individuals and their needs are unique and therefore must be approached in a way that acknowledges this individuality and their practice must be tailored accordingly. The third principle is yoga is self-empowering; the student is his or her own healer. Yoga engages the student in the healing process; by playing an active role in their journey toward health, the healing comes from within, instead of from an outside source and a greater sense of autonomy is achieved. The fourth principle is that the quality and state of an individuals mind is crucial to healing. When the individual has a positive mind-state healing happens more quickly, whereas if the mind-state is negative, healing may be prolonged.

At Yoga Course in India by Yogalife, one can learn to integrate mind and body, thus leading to the inner peace.


Oneself- Every soul in this world is born free with many potential for oneself in the world we are living in, but there are many thing in our surrounding that restricts our growth. Over the time comes our responsibilities, the stress, frustration of life, for where it has taken us, chase to meet the daily standards of life, and the entire thing that has astrayed us from what we really are? This rummage around has made us stoop for the materialist demands of life. Every soul from within wants to reach that plane where we would be, what we want to be. It is generally believed that with maturity comes the sense of inclination towards spiritualism, but the fact is most of the time all through our life we crave for something different in life. How many of us really get that answer in this lifetime? Well, it’s difficult to say! Yoga classes at Yogalife will undoubtedly help you find that missing space in your life.

We all need to do is go within ourselves to find an answer to what we are really looking for.  Through proper work out with our own self we can take charge of our karmas. Expanding our mental, physical, and emotional boundaries to let our spirit shine with joy. Creating more strength and healing our inner and outer self we can channelize our thoughts into our karmic self. It is not easy to achieve it with a blink, we need to constantly work on it to see the transformation to start and persist. As is said no knowledge is complete without a master, so, yoga classes in India will provide you a chance to explore your inner self.